Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori
Founder of The AMI Montessori
of Education

Maria Montessori was born at Chiaravalle in the province of Ancona (Italy) on 31st August in the year 1870. Her father Alessandro Montessori, was descended from a noble family from Bologna. Dr. Montessori’s mother was Renilde Stoppani.

The inspired educational ideas of Maria Montessori have taken root all over the world. Through the Montessori method even the physical aspects of elementary schoolrooms have changed from dull regimentation to colourful informality.

Maria Montessori’s first observation came from an Italian classroom of children with learning disabilities; she found that even these children, when encouraged, had a spontaneous interest in learning, and a spontaneous self-discipline. Applying her discovery to other children, allowing her students to progress in an atmosphere of freedom, Dr. Montessori found that they paced their own development through a series of sensitive periods during which they became acutely aware of language, order, their own senses, society.

Her method encouraged these periods to explode into bursts of creativity – reading, writing, passionate curiosity – thereby freeing the mind and giving new scope to education and new breadth to the thinking and spirit of any child.