Language is an expression of the intelligence of man. It is a creation of man. It is a unique heritage and one of man’s greatest creations. The importance of language is that it is a conquest of development and also a means of development. By observing children acquiring language we can observe the truth of Dr.Montessori’s
greatest discovery – The Absorbent Mind. To see a child learn a language is almost a miracle.

When a child arrives in the Montessori classroom, he has fully absorbed his culture’s language. He has already constructed the spoken language and with his entry into the classroom, he will begin to consolidate the spoken language and begin to explore the written forms of language.

Because language is an intrical involvement in the process of thinking, the child will need to be spoken to and listened to often. The child will need a broad exposure to language, with correct articulation, enunciation and punctuation. The child will need to experience different modes of language and to hear and tell stories. Most importantly, the child needs to feel free and be encouraged to communicate with others.

The prepared Language material in the Montessori environment helps the child to learn at his own rhythm. This allows the child to concentrate on the learning of each important step in language so that each progressive step is done easily and without any thought on the part of the child. The special material also plays an important role in aiding the child develop the powers of communication and expression of organization and classification and the development of the thought.

What would the child achieve while and after working with the Language activities?

  • He will become an articulate person
  • He will be able to communicate his feelings in well-formed sentences and in writing
  • He will be able to write these thoughts and feelings in skillful handwriting
  • The child will have total reading and a sense of the home language at a level where he will be the master of his words.


How can you help your child at home?

  • From the moment your child is born, keep talking to your child, keep singing. You may think your baby cannot understand but his psyche so powerful that he will absorb all that he hears even though unconsciously.
  • As he grows in age be interactive
  • Give the correct names for all the objects around him
  • Give the correct words for all actions or verbs
  • Refrain from using false or inappropriate words
  • Be soft, gentle and polite in the language that is spoken to him
  • A child can absorb more than one language at an early age, they do not get confused; give more than one language.