The curriculum practiced in a House Children comprise of five subject areas. They are Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Arithmetic and Culture.

A Child helped in the AMI Montessori Method of Education acquires “Total Development”, which is concerned about the Development of the “Total Child”. That is to help your child develop Physically, Emotionally, Socially, Spiritually and Psychologically.

Exercises of Practical Life

The term Practical Life Exercises refer to the simple daily performed activities, eg: sweeping, mopping and carrying objects etc. which Man the adult carries out in his environment in order to maintain proper conditions.

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The Child at birth is a complete stranger to our environment. He is by nature an explorer, seeking to establish contact with his environment by means of his senses. The senses have been called the “gateways to the intelligence”.

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“The human mind is by its nature mathematical”, Pascal said this, and Dr.Montessori quoted him often, Mathematics is a tendency of human beings.

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Language is an expression of the intelligence of man. It is a creation of man. It is a unique heritage and one of man’s greatest creations.

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The indirect preparation for Geography, Zoology, Botany, Geometry and Biology.

Children of this age are urged by the laws of their nature to find active experiences in the world about them. For this they use their hands and not only for practical purposes, but also for acquiring knowledge.

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