1st Term

In the first term we give importance two main events that falls during this period January to April.

  1. Independence Day Celebration – A week is dedicated on conversations, art and handwork to instill in the child the story of Independence and our National identity as Sri Lankans. To further enhance the feeling we make a visit to the Independence Square and Museum.
  2. Avurudhu celebrations (day 1) – A sports meet is organized, totally focused on traditional Avurudhu games only. Every child is given the opportunity to experience six to eight tradional games. Games are introduced in Sinhala.
  3. Avurudhu celebrations (day 2) – The first term ends by celebrating more rituals of Avurudhu.


2nd Term

1. Vesak is the most important religious event of the Sri Lankan culture.

  • We focus on many important elements of this great festival. Ie. The story of Vesak, Buddhist flag and its significance, “Themagula” is learnt by way of art and handwork, and other happenings such as dansal, pandols etc..
  • Children are taken to a nearby Temple clad appropriate attire.

2. A field visit to a pre-determined place


3rd Term

“True Colours” Annual Concert
For the children of Little VIP’s Montessori this might be the most awaited event of the year. It is time for celebrations, gifts and santa. For the past seven years this event has been organized and held at the Bishop’s College Auditorium.