About the Directress

Zenita De Silva
Proprietor/ Founder/Directress

Prior to setting up Little VIP’s Montessori in January 2005, I was a full time working mother. I realized the importance of spending more time with my two children , then son aged seven, daughter aged four. Teaching was the best option to be involved in as a productive occupation while having more time with my children. I also realized a natural knack of being able to care and love any child.

Initially I obtained my Diploma in Montessori Education from the Havelock Gardens Training Centre. Subsequently followed the AMI Montessori course at Good Shepherd Maria Montessori Training Centre (located at St.Bridget’s Convent, Colombo 7). I consider myself very fortunate to study and obtain the AMI Montessori Diploma from The Good Shepherd Maria Montessori Training Centre. This was a two year study with hands on experience with children. An AMI Teacher is called to a deeper understanding of the Child.

I made a conscious decision to have a fully equipped AMI Montessori House of Children catering to the families in the city of Colombo, as there are very few AMI Montessori’s in Colombo. Since then I have been tirelessly working to maintain a complete environment for the Child. It gives me so much pleasure and contentment to see the children developing progressively in our environment acquiring the Total Development the AMI Montessori House of Children offer. I take it to heart to see every Child through, as I believe every Child has the same capacity by birth, only help given to them will make them different from each other.

Every child is an individual; approach taken to each child will vary from person to the other. With the help of my dedicated staff we draw plans and come up with different strategies to overcome difficult situations. Dr. Montessori says that a Montessori classroom is a laboratory of every day experiments. Over the years I have seen children blossoming into beautiful persons.

My personal message to all parents is that a good Pre-school/Montessori can help in the formative development of your child. A progressive developmental programme is very vital in the early years of a child.
Love your child unconditionally and in all your fullness, Quality time missed with your cannot be undone. Children look up to their parents as the only source of love and care.

“It is the Child who makes the Man, and no Man exits who was not made by the Child he once was” – Dr. Maria Montessori

Thank you
Zenita De Silva